Sunday, November 20, 2011

September 2011

This month started with Maycee's baptism.  She had been waiting for so long to be baptized.  It was a really spiritual meeting and she was adorable.  We had lots of friends and family over for sandwiches afterwards.  Grama and Grampa Knowlton and Aunt Sarah were able to come for the baptism and spend a few days with us.  

After a nice, spiritual morning we all went to the fair and rodeo.  Never my favorite atmosphere, but always an experience.  The kids rode a few rides, we ate greasy food, then we went to the rodeo.

Friday, November 18, 2011

August 2011

Deryk took a beginner soccer class every Saturday in August.  He just loved it and kept saying he already knew how to play.  And somehow he really did understand it.  He was very proud to wear his shirt he got at the class.

The kids played in the little pool a lot this summer.  One day I was out watering the flowers and a cute, little snake came out of the flowers.  The kids wanted to feel it so we caught it.  They took turns holding it and then it ended up in the pool and had a nice swim.  They named him Quarterback (not sure why) and he even came to visit us a few more times that month.  (I'm assuming it was the same one - strange.)  Great entertainment for the kids.

Shaylee enjoyed taking a cooking class and a sewing class in 4-H this summer.  She modeled her skirt at a fashion show and was able to go to district to model also.  She was awarded the grand champion at the fair for her sewing of the skirt and got a blue ribbon for her cooking.  It was a busy and fun 4-H time!

Maycee is now 8!!  She is growing up and was so excited to be eight so she could be baptized.  She had a family party and chose to go out to eat at Burger Stop.  (they have great shakes there)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

July 2011

Maycee wanted to try playing on a softball team, so she did that for 6 weeks and LOVED it.  She learned quickly and had a fun time at every game!  Even the one when the wind was blowing so hard that everyone was sitting/laying on the ground so we didn't get picked up and blown away.  

We had a really fun time camping at Birch Creek on the Friday and Saturday before July 4th.  There was still snow on top of the mountains with a lot of water running in the creeks and my favorite - wildflowers everywhere.  The kids love hiking and exploring at the City of Rocks and riding the 4-wheelers.

Deryk turned 4!!  I can't believe how big he is getting (and how smart).  He had a fun birthday and wanted a mud cake with bugs and worms.  What a cute little guy who is so full of adventure and life!

Deryk got a foam rocket launcher that they were all playing with outside at his birthday party.  That is why they are looking in the sky.

Deryk, Maycee, and Shaylee took swimming lessons again and they all loved it.  Shaylee did a survival float in her clothes and had to take them off in the pool and tread for several minutes.  Deryk wasn't fond of water in his ears, but ended up doing great and was blowing bubbles and putting his head under by the last few days.  He also kept getting kicked out of the pool for splashing and randomly hitting the other kids.  The teacher, Cindy, just loved Deryk and couldn't get over his gorgeous eyes and eyelashes, so he didn't stay in trouble for long.  Little stinker!!

June 2011

Another piano recital - Shaylee and Maycee both did great with their songs.  And they played a duet together this year.  They love having their Grama as their piano teacher!

Josh and I were able to go on our stake trek "Live the Legacy" as a Ma and Pa.  We had eleven children plus a baby (doll) that we had to bury along the trail.  It was an amazing experience that we will always remember.  I still laugh at some of the things our children did - those teenage boys kill me!  

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Favorite Day

I just love Mother's Day and feel so blessed to be a mother!  I like to take a picture of me and each of my sweeties every Mother's Day.  Deryk is in the middle of a hugging phase and loves to randomly squeeze me as hard as he can.  (and it is usually a little painful.) 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 2011

We did a few fun things in March that I wanted to put on the blog.  It seems like I am so tired lately and barely get things done that I would like to, so this will be short and sweet: 

Shaylee had her recorder concert.  She has been practicing a lot at home and in the car.  Yes - the car was a bit confined for recorder songs, so that was quickly banned.  She did a great job and takes her music very seriously.

Shaylee and Maycee played their piano songs at the Music Festival.  They both did really well and came home with Superiors. 

We went to Utah for our spring break.  One stop we made was the Bean Museum at BYU.  Haven't been there for many years and it all looked very similar as the last time I was there.  Deryk kept striking these funny poses and stayed there until I would take his picture.  He also managed to touch every animal he wasn't supposed to.  

We went to a fun park that the kids loved.  Thankfully Utah had some sun for us while we were there.  Still waiting for it here in Twin Falls...........

 Josh had ANOTHER birthday.  He just can't believe how old he is and often forgets when he is asked.  Had a fun little party with another experimental cake that was much yummier than it looked. 

Deryk just loves reading books.  (Shay and Mayc love books, too)  I usually read to Deryk every night, but had to take a phone call.  When I came back up to read - this is what I found.  So adorable and only little for such a short time.  

I had to document this and have proof this actually happened.  It is a rare thing to see Deryk asleep during the day.  Josh - not so much.  He can sleep any time if given the chance.  I thought it was so cute to see my two guys conked out together.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Years!

It doesn't seem like 10 years ago yesterday that we got a call telling us a birthmom had chosen us to be her baby's mom and dad.  And she had already been born that morning!  I cried for 2 whole days from so many different emotions, while we quickly got as many things ready as possible.  We didn't have any clothes, diapers, bottles, or other baby basics.  And we just had to get her in our arms.  It was so exciting and nerve-wracking!  I still cry when I think about it too hard.  :)  We are so blessed to be entrusted with such an amazing spirit that Shaylee has and be able to be parents to her forever.  Happy 10th Birthday, Shay!!!

 The cake - don't look too closely or you might notice it is collapsing.

 The gifts - fun clothes, National Geographic magazine, lots of earrings, and a Young Ambassador concert.

 The candle blowing - everyone helped.

The pierced ears - Shay only cried before they pierced them (from fear), but it actually didn't hurt when it happened.  :)